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MC3000 Precision Cooled Chassis

  VXS - VME64x -cPCI

Designed to handle the extra thermal loads of today's VXS products the MC3000 uses the latest technology to monitor thermal performance and provide on-demand airflow.  Each year more and more VME, VXS, and cPCI modules are including on-board thermal monitoring and now they have a chassis that will listen to them.  Individual modules may now request additional airflow to maintain the cooling they require through RS-232 or Ethernet protocols and this chassis will listen and respond with up to 450 linear feet per minute of airflow across the modules critical components.

And even without on-board monitoring the MC3000 will monitor itself and continue to increase airflow through the chassis to maintain a user programmable delta temperature rise through the card cage.  This and many other features allow the user to deploy this system in many adverse temperature environments with the assurance that the modules residing within the chassis will not be subjected to temperature extremes beyond their original specifications.

Precision cooling is assured with redundant fans allowing for up to two fan failures.  Fan failures will not however go undetected  and any failure will be both annunciated and reported via an RS-232 link and an available discrete signal .  Service personnel can then be dispatched to replace the easily removable front accessible fan tray in less than one minutes time.

Similarly, the power supply system of this chassis provides redundancy in both power supply modules and power supply sources.  Three 500  watt power supplies provide over 1000 watts of continuous DC power to the chassis modules.  The power supply modules can operate from the same power source or each power module can have its own power source or operate from a three phase power system.  Either way a single power module failure will not bring down this system.  Power supply failure is both annunciated and reported via an RS-232 link and an available discrete signal .  Again front accessible hot-swap features allow the service personnel to replace a failed power supply in less than a minute while the system remains operational.

Front Access Maintenance


IEEE 1101.10/11 Compliant Front and RTM Rugged Card Cages

Key Benefits

bulletCommercially Available - Designed for the Military Environments
bulletRugged Military Style 19" Rackmount - 11U
bulletDemand Driven Cooling System
bullet1000 Watt Continuous Power System
bulletFully Front Panel Serviceable
bullet12 Slots of 6U Module Space
bulletVXS, VME, cPCI and Hybrid Backplanes Available
bulletCustom Backplanes Availabel in 12 Weeks
bulletFront Air Intake - Rear Air Exhaust



Operational  -20C to +60C

Non Operational -40 to +85C



MIL-STD-810E  Tailored to Specific Environments



MIL-STD-810E  Tailored to Specific Environments






87-230Vac 47-440Hz

Three Phase Wye, Three Independent Single Phase, Single Phase


Standard 19" Rackmount, 11U Height, 20" Depth

Weight 65 Lbs.


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