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MFEW Multifuntion Electronic Warfare

From Military & Aerospace

March 2007 Vol. 19, No.3 --

The Office of Naval Research (ONR) is sponsoring an innovative effort, initially targeted for the DDG-1000, to develop a multifunction electronic warfare (MFEW) system. The work builds on ONR work started in the mid-1990s on an advanced multi-function radio frequency concept (AMRF-C) aimed at consolidating shipboard antenna apertures for radar, communications, and electronic warfare in order to counter the proliferation of arrays aboard newer surface ships. An AMRF-C test suite consisting of a common aperture and below-deck processing equipment has gone through demonstration testing at the Naval Research Laboratory’s Chesapeake Bay test range.

The MFEW initiative will configure the electronic surveillance (ES) component of the AMRFC to meet the ES requirement for the DDG-1000, which faced an urgent requirement for ES capability following the termination in 2002 of an advanced integrated electronic warfare system (AIEWS) originally planned for the new class.

Northrop Grumman Electronic Systems Sector won a contract to build an MFEW advanced development model, which will go through factory acceptance testing in May.

The MFEW ADM will be delivered to the AMRF-C site at Chesapeake Bay for testing this fall prior to transition to the Navy’s DDG-1000 program-management office for the system design and development phase beginning in 2008.

MCH Systems Delivers MFEW ESP and RTCP

Hybrid VXS/VME64x Precision Cooled Chassis

March 2007 -- MCH Systems has delivered to Northrop Grumman PRB Systems, Goleta, CA  two hybrid MC3000 VXS/VME64x Precision Cooled chassis custom configured for the Electronic Surveillance Processor (ESP) for the Multifunction Electronic Warfare systems (MFEW) Advanced Developmental Model (ADM).   MCH Systems also delivered two similar versions of the MC3000 to Northrop Grumman Electronics Systems - Rolling Meadows for the Real Time Control Processor (RTCP) for the MFEW ADM. MCH Systems supplied the system chassis with custom hybrid VME64/VXS backplanes, internal power supplies, cable assemblies and board level integration and testing. 

The MC3000 is the latest Mission Critical Computer Chassis that supports VME, VXS, and CPCI configurations.

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