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MCH Systems specializes in the development of custom computer and processing hardware to meet demanding environmental and operational  specifications.  Hardware is developed for conformance with commercial, military, or customer specific design and performance specifications.  


Key Benefits

bulletDesigns are leveraged from existing commercially available hardware or previously developed  system components and assemblies that have been thoroughly qualified.
bulletCustomer's unique requirements are met with commercially available standardized hardware and customer specific cable and system interfaces
bulletSystems Integration and Testing - Delivered ready to turn-on and operate



MCH Systems has over 30 years experience in the design and development of integrated rugged and fail safe computer systems for both the military and heavy industrial markets.  All military platforms, shipboard (surface and submarine), aircraft (propeller, jet and helicopter), and both wheeled and tracked military vehicles are supported with our products. 

Thermal Performance:
Our systems include thermal design strategies that allow commercially available hardware to operate within temperature ranges that exceed commercial specifications.  On demand airflow and heaters controlled by microprocessors that are constantly monitoring environmental parameters are used in conjunction with other thermal cooling techniques to ensure that commercial electronic component specifications are not exceeded. 
Electromagnetic Compatibility:
Equipment chassis and subsystems are designed to conform to the required electromagnetic interference and compatibility specifications.  EMI filters are incorporated to suppress conducted emissions in the ac power line.   Power supplies incorporate high frequency, zero-current-switching dc-to-dc converters that provide low levels of conducted and radiated noise.  External chassis mating surfaces are fitted with EMI/RFI gaskets where required.  Cooling fan and dust filter apertures include filters for containment of radiated noise.  External cables are shielded and fitted with EMI/RFI backshells.  Internal wiring is designed to minimize coupling from adjacent cables and subsystems.
Redundancy of critical components:
Redundant hot swappable power supplies assure continued operation of the system during failure mode.  A multitude of fans are used to allow system operation continuation during fan failure mode.  Failure reporting is accomplished in several ways; RS-232, Ethernet, and discrete I/O.  Front panel annunciation provides the maintenance technician with detailed information for quick and easy replacement of failed components.
Formal Environmental Qualification Testing:
MCH Systems validates our system designs and environmental integrity through extensive qualification testing.  Test plans and procedures are carefully drafted and reviewed with our customers to ensure complete compliance with application requirements.  Testing is performed with independent test laboratories and personnel to demonstrate compliance with exacting specifications.  Test reports are generated and include all test data and results gathered during the testing process.


Environmental Stress Screening:
MCH Systems offers customer specific Environmental Stress Screening on 100% of production of our mission critical systems.  Vibration, temperature, and shock testing can be performed to your exacting specifications.


Integrated Logistics Support:

MCH Systems provides comprehensive technical publications and integrated logistics support services.  Document planning, development and certification are provided to support in-house or client directed product development.  Documentation is generated in accordance with commercial or military format using industry standard software tools.  Change control and configuration management services are available for life-cycle documentation maintenance.

Operation and maintenance, training, and logistics support documentation is provided to support commercial and military data requirements.  This material includes technical manuals, specifications, plans, procedures, maintainability, provisioning, safety, and failure modes.

MCH Systems maintains a thorough knowledge of military and industrial standards and the processes required for development, validation, and delivery of supporting data.



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